"For those who hesitate"

An inspiring story, written by Peter and Anneke, who did their first cycling holidays ever on a Quetzal tandem with E-support.
In 2016 along the Moselle, in 2017 in Tuscany.

A user experience of the Quetzal!

"Holiday on bike"

Tandemtest Nazca Quetzal

The Quetzal recumbent tandem is tested by the experienced tandem riders Gerold and Maartje of the magazine Ligfiets&.
Read the report (now also in English).

Tandemtest Nazca Quetzal

Cruiser, Explorer, Fiero

Since the beginning of 2015 we have stopped the production of the Cruiser, Explorer and Fiero. These models have a good successor through Paseo and Fuego. The Fiero XS remains in the range!

The story of the Cruiser, Explorer and Fiero

Dream about it or do it yourself?

Arpad and Zita have been on the road for 3 years, Sophie and Julien are back home and Antoine just started his journey. We ourselves will get on the tandem towards France!
What will you do: dream about it or do it yourself?


The cycling season is about to start!

There are exhibitions in the Netherlands and other countries, Testing days, and of course you can try out bikes at dealers or at Nazca in Nijeveen. See the calendar for the current data.

Have yourself inspired!

Tandemholidays in France

Many people ask us if we ourselves are going on holidays on our Nazca bikes. Sure! For years, short or long holidays, with or without children, but always on our own personal bike! Currently we're going on the recumbent-tandem, the Quetzal.

A report with photos.

Holiday plans?

Summer is coming! Be inspired by other holiday cyclists. Some are already at home, others are still underway, but it's always nice to read how people enjoy their cycling-holidays.

Sources of inspiration

PBP on a Gaucho 28 highracer

For the fourth time commuter Gert Lunenborg rode the classic ride Paris-Brest-Paris successfully.

This time he drove the 1200 km long distance in 70 hours and 49 minutes, a great achievement!

Also Dave McCraw rode PBP on a Gaucho

Pain free cycle touring!

Nazca bikes have proven themselves as long distance touring machines - with many being used on daily commutes between holidays! Put simply, your Nazca bike offers you the chance to carry everything you need in great comfort and with an unmatched aerodynamic advantage. Every model gives you the choice of gearing matched to the terrain of your local area (or where you plan to tour). Book a test ride at a dealer today to find out all that Nazca can offer you!

How to rent a Nazca bike
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