Cruiser, Explorer et Fiero

The Cruiser is the first model of Nazca Recumbent bikes. On June 26, 1999, the model was introduced during Cycle Vision in Lelystad. The full-suspension bike with adjustable folding handlebar, was sold exclusively through the five former recumbent specialists during the first two years.
Due to the combination of practical equipment (eg carrier, stand, lighting) and favorable price, the Cruiser was an instant success.


Soon the question came of whether this bike could also be performed with understeer: the Explorer was born. The geometry of the frame was identical to that of the Cruiser, so it was obvious to make one frame for both USS (explorer) and ASS (Cruiser).

The Explorer received in 2001 the award for National Recumbent! The relaxed riding position and stable handling were decisive for this price.


The Fiero was introduced in 2003 as a low, sporty bike with two 20 "wheels, derived from the Pioneer, which has two 26" wheels. Originally for people from about 1.70 m, later the Fiero XS was developed for people starting from 1.50 meters.
The Fiero XS remains in the range as a fully equipped bicycle for smaller people.

In the course of time, these three models: Cruiser, Explorer and Fiero, got a good successor to the Paseo and the Fuego, creating less demand. For that reason we have decided to stop the production of these three models.

We know that there are a lot of Cruisers, Explorers and Fiero's riding around with very satisfied owners! We therefore wish them many more years of cycling. Most parts of that bicycle are still available.

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