The Sun Trip 2015

The 35 teams who are preparing for the Solar Challenge "The Sun Trip", are coming from as many as 14 different countries. The participants will start in June in Milan, Italy and follow their self-chosen road to Cappadocia in Turkey and back.

Of those 35 teams, there are three who will be making their exciting trip on a Nazca Pioneer: reason to closely follow The Sun Trip.

Go4EcoMobility team consists of Henri and Antoine Jonckheere and Laurent Dalou, father, son and friend. Three Pioneers are selected in the colors of the Romanian flag: blue, yellow, red.






Stéphane Bertrand has also participated in the 2013 edition, and arrived, along with the team Déclic Eco on a Nazca Quetzal, the fifth of the 30 teams. He rides a white Pioneer.





Arno Liegon starts on an orange Pioneer and is, like the other teams, determined to make it a great adventure! The engines and solar cells of these three teams are made by Guillaume Devot of Déclic Eco, who has gained experience in The Sun Trip of 2013.

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