Gaucho 28 highracer tillersteer

Gaucho 28 highracer tillersteer

The new Gaucho 28 highracer tillersteer combines the best of two worlds: the comfort and speed of the recumbent bike and the beautiful, highly efficient road bike parts.

Lightweight road bike wheels, the latest parts and high-tech tires with very low rolling resistance convert the Gaucho 28 high-racer into a thoroughbred racing bike. Fully adjustable suspension provides much added comfort and improved handling. Due to the efficient chain line and correct placement of the power-idler, hardly any energy is lost in the rear suspension.

The Highracer is available in two frame versions, with another frame connecting plate and a shorter shock absorber, an even faster version with a smaller reclining angle has evolved from the original highracer.

The Gaucho 28 highracer invites to make long trips at high speed, a recumbent bike to push your limits in speed and distance, without the usual cyclist pains!

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Technical details

Seat height 60 cm (middle position, loaded)
Bracket height 78 cm (middle position, loaded)
Wheelbase 112 cm
Wheelsize 700 C (28")
Seat angle adjustable 26-34 degrees or 21-29 degrees
Average weight 15 kg
Max. load (rider + Luggage) 100 kg (wheels 24/28 spokes), alt. 120 kg (32 spoke wheels)
Frame material 25 CrMo4 steel, front fork aluminum
Rear shock DNM DV22AR, adjustable rebound and spring tension
Front suspension not an option
Luggage rack optional
Seat / seat pad glassfiber / epoxy, size M, L, XL. Seat pad Comfort (Nazca) or Sport (Novosport)
Coating iron phosphating + 2-layer powder coating
Available colors White, firered, applegreen, nightblue, black satin, melon yellow
Versions 3x9 Shimano Tiagra, 3 x 10 Shimano 105, 2 x 10 Shimano Ultegra
Options wheelsets, carbon seat, carbon fork, air shock, ventisit, headrest
Steering option ASS, fully adjustable, stainless steel