Nazca Ligfietsen

Nazca Ligfietsen started in 1998 as the one-man business of Henk van der Woerdt in Hengelo under the name Innovative Cycle Works. The first design of this company was a suspended recumbent with foldable handlebars. Originally I.C.W. wanted to market several different products, but this first product was so well-received that they soon decided that recumbents were their main product.

They needed a brand name and chose Nazca, named after the pre-Inca civilization in Peru, famous for the Nazca Lines and special figures in the Nazca Valley.

On 1 January 2000 I.C.W. ceased to exist and VOF Nazca Ligfietsen came into being with Monique Holterman and Henk van der Woerdt as business partners (and life partners through thick and thin).
Soon both partners were working until the middle of the night and more than was healthy for them to assemble the ordered bicycles, which led to the outsourcing of production work to other companies as much as possible.
In the meantime a move was necessary due to lack of space.

In 2001 they moved to the current location in Nijeveen (Drenthe). In addition to the development of new models, this was initially also the location for assembling all bicycles.
In the beginning of 2004 Nazca made a very important decision, as the assembly of recumbents was becoming too much. This was the gradual and eventually complete outsourcing of the assembly work to Rainbow in Aalten. There was already a long cooperation with these highly experienced colleagues in frame construction and coating. And in 2017, the entire production and powder coating of steel frames takes place there, and based on order specification the frames are assembled by Rainbow.
Assembly, inspection and packaging of the bikes is done in Nijeveen. This is also where the ordered parts arrive. Meanwhile, Nazca Ligfietsen has eight models in a large number of versions to its credit. The bicycles are individually made to order, so each Nazca recumbent is a unique specimen!

Until 2017 there are approximately 3500 Nazca recumbents built by hand that have found their way to satisfied customers in many countries in Europe and elsewhere!
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