Cruiser  tillersteer

Cruiser tillersteer

The Cruiser was the first model developed by Nazca. The features with which it conquered the market in 1999 still make this bicycle just as popular in 2011. The Cruiser is a practical, comfortable and solid bicycle with which you instantly drive away. Excellent value for money, just like all of our other models there are many options available, allowing the possibility to adjust the Cruiser entirely to your own needs.

The Cruiser / Explorer can optionally be fitted with the well known Flevobike mesh seat, size M or L. Because of the open mesh this seat ventilates very well, the seat angle is adjustable over a wide range. This type of seat is optimal for a more up-right position, less suited a small seat angle. Surcharge for this seat is € 200.

Technical details

Seat height approx. 54 cm, middle position, loaded
Bracket height approx. 69 cm, middle position, loaded
Wheelbase 114 cm
Wheelsize front 20" (ETRTO 406 mm), rear 26" (ETRTO 559 mm)
Average weight approx. 19 kg, depending on version
Max. load (rider + luggage) 130 kg
Frame material 25CrMo4
Suspension fork suspension fork Spinner Grind , adjustable pre-load
Luggage rack aluminum tube, max. load 25 kg
Seat / seat pad model Comfort or Sport, size M, L, XL, seat pad Sport or Comfort type
Coating iron phosphating + 2-layer powder coating
Available colors white, firered, applegreen, sky blue, nightblue, black satin/gloss, orange, melon yellow
Versions 3x9 Deore, 3x9 Dual Drive, 3x10 Deore XT, Alfine 11 speed, Rohloff 14 speed
Options kickstand, lowriders, cranksets, brakes, lighting, carbon seat,
Tillersteer Aluminum, length and height adjustable